What types of payment do you accept?

Credit cards, money orders, and business checks

All payments can be made out to “BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc.

Can anyone get Livescan done?

Yes, anyone can do livescan.

How long does it take for my fingerprints to get processed?

Generally, results are sent back electronically within 1 to 72 hours to your employer or corresponding agency.

Does BITHGROUP mail out the fingerprint cards?

No, BITHGROUP does not mail out fingerprint cards.

Does BITHGROUP take walk-ins?

We are not taking walk-ins. However, applicants can schedule a same-day appointment if time slots are available.

How do I cancel my appointment if need be?

You can reschedule/cancel your appointment directly from your appointment confirmation.

What are considered valid forms of ID?

·      Current MD or other State Driver’s License

·      Identification issued by state or local Government

·      U.S. passport or unexpired foreign passport

·      Certificate of U.S. citizenship or naturalization

·      Alien registration card

·      U.S. Military Identification Card

·      Government Employee ID

What will I need to bring at the time of service?

Valid Form of ID, Livescan Pre-Registration Application, Payment.

Fill out and Download Livescan Pre-Registration >>

How much does it cost?

You can view all of our pricing on the Schedule page.

On average, how long does the fingerprinting process take?

Anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Scheduled appointments will be seen ahead of walk-ins.